Past Lives Revealed


Sunday, July 23, 2017 @1:30

Welcome to your Awakening
Past Lives Revealed!
By knowing who you were in previous times (past and/or future),
the Present is healed!

This month, by popular demand, I’m offering a workshop Past Lives Revealed – Welcome to Your Awakening, where I will take you to another time to experience what is withholding you from your happiness with relationships, health, prosperity!  This method of healing has proved very effective!  Are you ready to heal your past? Join us Sunday, July 23rd at Metaphysical Chapel..

Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida
Ft Lauderdale

  Do you need Guidance on important matters in your life?
Do you have questions about past life with people in this lifetime?
Do you have questions regarding pets?
Do you need clarity on how to proceed with important decisions?
How can you find peace in your life?
Want to be healthier?
Carole’s gifted MULTI-DIMENTIONAL insights into the past/future of human consciousness explores to find the imbalance/chaos by following her client’s present “threads of chaotic frequency” with the activation of cellular memory. The results are astounding, as she brings former incomplete experiences to the forefront, thus explaining the release of the “charged” energy recall helping her client heal THIS lifetime.  Bring your questions and enthusiasm.

Investment: $20