Today’s Stressful Times – How to cope???

"Today's Stressful Times - How to cope???"Hello, Friends.

Are you having a Magical Day? I can hear you laugh out loud with your busy minds thinking that this day is anything but a magical day. Let me tell you a story:

Everywhere I turn, everyone I speak with, every conversation I hear, STRESS is felt, heard, and seen. Why do we feel so out of control with time, money, relationships?  Is our health starting to break down because of the daily stress we face? Are we realizing that we can no longer cope with our lives because our “expectations” are not being met?

Ok. It’s time to put the breaks on our stressful thinking, focus on taking a deep cleansing breath, with closed eyes, and then think of what makes us smile? Now is the perfect time to make a list on paper so that our ever-growing list will become our coping mechanism.  Yes, we need to take a few minutes out of our stressful day and take inventory of what is important. Let’s make this a daily project, leaving our note pad and pencil out in full view not to forget. Every day, we write down what makes us feel important – confident – safe.  This little exercise is just the beginning and is a very simple method to cope whenever a stressful thought ignites our nervous system telling our beautiful adrenals, “Danger, danger, we are not safe!” We need constant reminders that we are safe – we are ok – we are in the present moment, alive and well!

Stay tuned for more simple and easy ways to cope in these stressful times and believe that you may start having Magical Moments that may become, “A Magical Day”.

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January 2014 – Calendar

Every Wednesday
Healing Circle, with Guided Meditation & Personal Channeled Message – 6:30-8:00 pm – $10
Please join us every Wednesday in the sacred space of a calming healing circle. We begin with a simple yet effective guided meditation, followed with Reiki and other high frequency modalities allowing you to relax deeply and heal with the help of our “Friends” from the “Other Side”. A channeled message may also be given.

JANUARY 15 @ 12:00Noon – 2:00pm
I consider myself a Light Worker (a worker of the light “Light”) and as such, I help people to understand and to grow towards being lighter (Light). Now the saying, “Lighten Up!” has truth behind it. It’s so important now to understand energy frequency which is light in lower (denser) frequency. I look forward and am honored to give my little spin about (1) energy frequency, (2) the importance of attaining high frequency vibration in every-day life, and (3) why and how to raise our frequency to become and remain healthy on all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually). Memorial Hospital in Pembroke Pines – please call for complete address. No Charge $0.

Le 15 janvier @ 12 – 14:00
FRÉQUENCES d’énergie & notre santé – Présentation & Atelier
Je me considère comme un travailleur de lumière ( « Light Worker ») et à ce titre, j’aide les gens à comprendre et à se développer pour devenir plus léger, et lumineu. (Light). Le dicton, « Lighten Up! » a maintenant la vérité derrière elle. Maintenant il est important de comprendre la fréquence de l’énergie qui est lumière de basse fréquence (plus dense). J’attends avec impatience et je suis honoré pour vous parler sur (1) la fréquence de l’énergie , (2) l’importance d’atteindre la vibration à haute fréquence dans notre cotidien, et (3) pourquoi et comment élever notre fréquence pour devenir et rester en bonne santé à tous les niveaux (mentalement, émotionnellement, physiquement et spirituellement). Memorial Hospital à Pembroke Pines – s’il vous plaît appelez pour coordonnées complètes. Sans frais $0.

JANUARY 16 – Full Moon — SPECIAL REQUESTS for Invocations -At dusk, on the evening of a Full Moon, I pray for you and your special intention after having prepared a customized “work” , such as a request for quick money, new job, love spell, curse removal, etc, (all done in and with the Light & Nature’s Forces), as discussed with you prior to Ceremony.Please contact me to set up a private appointment at least a week prior to the Circle Casting ceremony, which is closed to the public. Cost will vary according to the request.

JANUARY 19 @ 2:00pm – (Seating is limited … please call to pre-register)
2014 PREDICTIONS – My guides will give predictions regarding humanity’s next step. Bring your questions for a Q & A regarding health, love, challenges and changes for you and loved ones. A very special guest appearance by world-renowned psychic and published author, Dr. Sondra Zecher, who will give a random reading to a lucky guest in our audience. Will she pick you? Dr. Zecher is best known as the “Son of Sam Psychic”. It was through her psychic information that the F.B.I. was able to apprehend David Berkowitz, the mass murderer. Only $25.

FEBRUARY – (Saturdays- small classes – please call to pre-register)
USUI REIKI LEVEL ONE (1-day Class) – 10:00am -5:00pm
USUI REIKI LEVEL TWO (2-day Class) – 10:00am -4:00pm
Reiki is a part of our nature as humans, something each one of us can use and experience; it simply needs to be awakened. Once awakened, the practitioner focuses on the flow of the universal life force energy moving within him/her, and then learns to direct that energy. As this system is learned, one can use Reiki on oneself, give treatments to family, friends, pets, etc., practice professionally, and develop as a teacher. As a Reiki Master teacher, I teach this system because it gives me great joy to be a facilitator in the transformation process each participant experiences. That transformation may seem monumental or subtle, but it always benefits each person in a significant way. Included: Workbook, Attunements, Certificate. Register early and save $$$. Visit “Testimonials” and see what people are saying.

MARCH 8 & 9 – NEWLIFE EXPO @ The Broward Convention Center (Fort Lauderdale)
Join me as I present Soulmates & Sacred Marriage- How to Access Your Divine Nature NOW. Meet with me for a private session to access information to help you live more fully, with ease and grace now. Let’s remove some obstacles via energy work I’ll perform on site. Book your private session ahead of time to save your space. Contact me now and save $10$. Sponsored by Lisa’s Healing Center.

APRIL 26 – Body & Mind Expo @ LaQuinta (Coral Springs)
Join me as I present Living in the NOW – Accessing ALL that You Need and Want, Including Time. Meet with me at my booth for a private session in accessing important information for your higher consciousness to live with ease and grace now. Book your private session ahead of time to save your space. Contact me now and save $10$. Fund Raiser for Autism.


To better serve you, Goddess T.O.U.C.H. is located @
Lisa’s Healing Center | 4301 N. Federal Hwy.| Suite 4 | Pompano Beach | FL 33064 || (954) 782-6564

 Private Consultations – Group Channelings – Home Parties
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Magical Hugs,
Carole and Goddess TOUCH



Healing our Wounds &

November 5, 2013
(Begins at 7pm)
The Goddess Store & Studio
2017 Harrison St., Hollywood, FL, 33020

In the ancient temples of old chosen woman were taught the art of creating a Portal of Creation through the use of their Sexual Light vibration. They were sent to kings and pharaohs alike to teach the art of honoring the Goddess. They infused the Royalty with their high vibration of Sexual Light, lifting them to a place they could rule the country with honor. This Sacred order of women held tightly to their Sacred Sexuality and used it only as a tool of Creation for it was their greatest treasure. When they did interact with men in places of power they used themselves as a tuning fork, downloading the galactic stellar vibrations as instructed by Spirit holding the frequency until it was time to interact on a physical level.

Modern women have forgotten that they are the teachers of this inherent lost art. They need to stop waiting for men to make sex sacred. Each woman has a dormant encoding that is designed to be activated when in the presence of a male that is destined to be a catalyst. The female does not have to physically interact with the male to receive this encoding. The physical body remembers the previous interaction from times past and makes the appropriate adjustments to the DNA packet that has been energetically opened. Then the exchange contract is fulfilled on whatever level the female is comfortable with. (Astral, telepathic, physical, mental, or vibrational level) When the female aligns with the male vibration a chemical response is triggered via the glands within the chakra system and the Mystical Alchemical Marriage is announced and a new integrated Sacred Light is birthed and added to the earth grid.

This is a very empowering workshop for all women, whether young or old, married or single, divorced or still looking for the “one”.

In this “WOMEN’S ONLY WORKSHOP” your sleeping sex goddess within will be awakened through a series of meditations, breathing techniques, & visualizations designed to activate and realign you with your Sacred Sexual Potential. Investment: $35.00. Pre-register w/Goddess Store call 954-929-2369. Seats are limited.

Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay, Ba Div, RMT, AP, is experiencing her first FULL Conscious incarnation as a Divine Being in Human form in this time/space/dimension. Rev. Carole has learned to function in this 3D density as an exec in the corporate world. She also comfortably can see, hear, feel and be with Spirit, other realms, other dimensions, and the deceased, simultaneously. Communication is her fortee and her gift to the world. Do you feel stuck? Stressed? Lonely? Sick and tired? Where is the Love of Your Life? Carole is founder and President of GODDESS T.O.U.C.H., INC., a privately held corporation. For more

Higher Consciousness Living "Lemurian Channelings"

Higher Consciousness Living “Lemurian Channelings”

angel1 We are your Family (you may identify us as, “The Lemurians”! This day is to find out why you’re out of balance. We will see into your energy body/field and other lifetimes that may be creating lack and limitation in this lifetime. You will also receive guidance how to improve this lifetime whereby we will be shifting you into higher consciousness via subatomic alignment to resonate at a higher frequency. In reading this passage, you have already begun to shift. We await to greet you on…

Healing Circle

Healing Circle, with a Guided Meditation, and a Personal Channeled Message for each
AUGUST 7: (every 1st Wednesday of the month)
6:30-8:00pm (Doors close @ 7:00pm) – $10

(Lisa’s Healing Center, 4301 N. Federal Hwy., Suite 4, Pompano Beach, FL 33064 (954) 782-6564)

Young Living Essential Oils Wellness Day


Young Living Essential Oils Wellness Day

Multiple-presentations throughout the day on Thursday, July 25th from 12:00 noon to 9:00pm at:

Lisa’s Healing Center,
4301 N. Federal Highway, Suite 4,
Pompano Beach, FL 33064


Sponsored by:
Carole A. Ramsay and Goddess T.O.U.C.H., Inc.

Our Distributors/Presenters:
Barb Lawrence: Introduction to YL Essential 9 Oils
Jenny Aboud: Thieves
Dennie Merouney: Pet Care and/or NingXia
Carole Ramsay: Raindrop Technique


Goddess TOUCH Interview On TV

Carole Bio PicHello, My Friends! My new journey since March 1st has been a magical carpet ride, filled with unexpected surprises! One of the greatest is the TV Show on the great Internet TV channel .

The program has been contacted by people as far away as Taiwan who watched her show. This web based show is incredible for connecting with people otherwise not easily reached .

Below are the recordings of former shows or you can go to our Vimeo channel

Thanks for your friendship and great support throughout….

Magical hugs,
Carole and Goddess TOUCH

C:UsersWRPBiTVVideosHalleyHalleyCaroleRam,say 06.13.13 a from Wayne Filowitz / on Vimeo.

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WRPBiTV Goddess Touch 07.25.13 from Wayne Filowitz / on Vimeo.

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