Learn How to Remain in the Present Moment When…

It may not seem this way to you right now, but we ARE all a Force of Light coming together with Love, in Love, to serve uniquely! More importantly, balancing our “alone” time to regroup and energize is tantamount to finding like-minded people and groups for support. These times are critical to our awakening to realizing that the beliefs we have taken on as our own from our parents, family, society, no longer serve us. We are becoming hyper-sensitive to our world (our perceptions), “what is true?” is the conundrum facing each and every one of us now!  Our values are being put to the test. We are recreating ourselves from the inside out, with the opportunity to make our own rules as to how “we” wish to live a peaceful life, with longevity and abundance!

To better serve you in finding your answers to self-empowerment, I continue to offer private sessions of Psychic Guidance for yourself, loved ones, pets, past lives, and an intensive 60-90 min. session called CLEAR THE PATHtm, which includes Raindrop technique, Reiki, Holonomic, TER energy balancing, 13 chakra opening/clearing, cellular memory activation. Recording this session is recommended! Call for your appointment.

I have learned numerous modalities of harnessing the energies to access change,  whereby sharing REIKI as a subtle and yet extremely empowering tool of Light penetrating as it transforms anything, anyone! ***REIKI IS NOT JUST FOR HEALING!***  My 20-year practice of holding “Reiki Circles” now called “Sacred Circlesfor Higher Consciousness Living!  Reiki Sacred Symbols come from higher frequencies, other Worlds!  Remember the story:  “Dr. Usui received his “enlightenment” on his 21st day of fasting and meditation on a holy mountain in Japan. This is where and when the 11 Sacred Symbols became known to him through his 3rd Eye Chakra (his Pineal gland was activated)!”

SOLD OUT!  On Saturday, October 26th (10-5) I will be sharing Reiki Levels 1 & 2 in only one day.  You will learn more than you can imagine. You will receive your book, attunements and Certificate. Other Reiki practitioners have taken this class to tweak and deepen their Reiki practice (testimonials on www.goddesstouh.net).  You can always retake my classes at minimal pricing. SOLD OUT!  
Next class: November 9 and December 14.

Time to Surrender to Our Wholeness

HAPPY Full Moon, dear friends! 

Since my last update (May 2019), we continue to be propelled to see and be more of who we are … our DNA continues to be activated whereby Cellular Memory (memories of each cell in our body) is being recalled to the surface of our conscious mind to be acknowledged and transformed into Light.  For many of us, this “recall” has created much fear as it attaches to our Solar Plexis chakra and our digestion.  As such, many have had difficulty with addictive behaviors.  Not to worry… This too shall pass.  The lesson is that “there is NO LESSON!”  We are cleaning house, that is all! 

I’ve not been making any decisions, planning, etc., just allowing to rest, breathe, work a little.  This is the time to be gentle and loving with ourself.  What is coming up for you?  Many will agree that the mind is set to produce, produce, produce, otherwise, we may fail !!! Having a lack of ….  brings more fear.  Listening / watching the news, social media, etc. is fear-based and feeds our minds that we are small, limited, and disconnected to each other.  This is the farthest from the truth!

This month, I’m  back to share my gentle yet so powerful Reiki classes – REIKI IS NOT JUST FOR HEALING!

There is a Reiki Revival in the ether due the the high demand to learn this gentle, yet effective energy enhancer for self, others, and situations. The next Reiki Level 1 & 2 Class (see below) will be held thisWednesday, August 21 or on Saturday, August 24th. The next Advanced Practitioner Class (a 2-day class – see below) will be held September 14 and 15. The Master Class will be held end October.  All Reiki practitioners including Reiki Masters are welcomed to join the Advanced Practitioner class (Learn 7 additional Sacred Symbols)! Please text or call me for more information. Payment plans available. REIKI IS NOT JUST FOR HEALING!

What a Grand beginning and it is NOT slowing down!

Hello dear friends and what a Grand beginning and it is NOT slowing down! 

I wish to thank all of you for your continued support, feeling so blessed in meeting with you as I have this year at the Newlife Expo, Past Lives Revealed! and Twin Flames workshops, Psychic Fairs, and the weekly Sacred Circles. 

I have so much exciting news to tell you!  

The Newlife Expo was an immense success for me, whereby I met so many new beautiful like-minded Lights as well as seeing old friends!  So many of you have shown interest in my services live in Palm Beach County. To better serve you, I have contacted my dear friend Lisa Smith of Lisa’s Healing Center, who has agreed to share her space with us as my 2nd venue, located in the Eldorado Building, at 3170 N Federal Hwy, Suite 211K, Lighthouse Point 33064. I will be offering Sacred Circles on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 7:30pmand private sessions by appointment only.  Please see this month’s News Brief and ads in Natural Awakenings both Broward and Palm Beach March issues.  I continue to offer Tuesdays Sacred Circles and private sessions at Jade Wellness, Oakland Park in Fort Lauderdale.

This Saturday and Sunday, March 9-10th, is Advanced Practitioner Reiki class, a two-day class featuring 7 new Sacred Symbols, a powerful emotional release technique, and much more to empower you, the Reiki practitioner.  Reiki Masters are also welcomed! Please text or call me for more information and payment plans. I also offer all Reiki levels and remember: REIKI IS NOT JUST FOR HEALING!

It’s time to bring back a 5-Class Ascension Series I created in 2002, called, A JOURNEY OF INTEGRATION ASCENSION WORKSHOP(tm). So much has happened since then from the “powers that be”, meaning that the “plan” for humanity has been altered somewhat, which we will talk about. These classes have been created to help you understand why we are going through experiences, emotions, beliefs, that are very difficult. We will also learn how to maneuver through and shift our “elevator” to a higher floor of understanding. We’ll also talk about the history of humanity and why we are all at such an important time and place where our Spirituality is key to our “next steps”. We will also experience this and more via high frequency elevations via “meditations” and cellular memory activations, new chakra elevation techniques and more.Sunday, March 24 at 1-1:30(information and registration) 2-5pm is the 1st of 5 classes. Venue: Metaphysical Chapel, Room #8, 1480 SW 9th Ave., Ft Lauderdale, FL 33315.  Please text (954) 655-5490 with your interest for syllabus.

This month, I will be on Rev. Kevin Lee’s talkshow on Psychic Fixes March 27 at 9pm www.psychicfixes.com

CLEAR THE PATH™”  is highly recommended at this time. This is a private session formulated for the descension/ascension process which we are all moving through now.

CLEAR THE PATH This multi-faceted session valued at over $350 removes fear, blockages, and looping of mind sets that no longer serve us.  A  90-minute session for $155: You will experience a Medical Intuitive body scan, Raindrop Aromatherapy with hot moist towels, a Reiki energy treatment, a Past Life reading and cutting cords, 13-chakra balancing, DNA Activation via the pineal gland, and a Mini Reading. I ask that you bring your cellphone ready to record this session for future guidance. FEEL RENEWED, REJUVENATED, RE-BALANCED, and FOCUSED!  Many of my clients love the clarity that have chosen CLEAR THE PATH as a monthly balancing system! For other services, please visit www.GoddessTOUCH.net.

Welcome to a new mindset of being for this New Year!

Time to shed our old skin (our past beliefs, convictions and mindsets) LET GO of the the past…. This is the only way we can realize that we have already ascended into higher realms of reality… Life is so much easier.  How? Focus on what we are doing now… focus on our breath! We constantly need to become aware and bring ourselves back to the present and focus… this is the new mindset that is becoming more crucial for our wellbeing! 

Last year if you recall, my channeled message (found on my website www.goddesstouch.net) prepared us by showing us that we were being recreated as perfect pink embryos supported by the rich placenta of the Universe!  Well, this year we will be experiencing a conscious connection to ALL THAT IS more than ever before!  
Let’s reiterate what happened last year.So much has occurred (in just one exhausting year) and many of us have been feeling so unbelievably overwhelmed.  This sensation is due to the collapsing of time, as we know it. Are you still trying to accomplish what you could a year ago, 5 years ago?  This is now an impossible task to achieve, as time is only 1/4 of what it used to be.  Pick only 3 things to accomplish in a day, if that.  Trying to squeeze 4 days into 1 is what many of us have been attempting, and so, you are tired, disappointed, angry, sad, anxious, and perhaps, pulling your hair out??? Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you! Why is this happening? 

Just imagine that in higher frequencies, everything is spinning faster, thus creating more light. This is also true with time, as time also is spinning faster, resulting in less time if compared to the 3rd Dimensional existence.  Do you not realize that we have already ascended into higher frequency realms?  What is keeping us in the limited way of being is our “Thoughts still believing that we are limited in the 3D!” 

This year I continue to offer  every Tuesday @ 7/30pm: Sacred CIrcles for Higher Consciousness, with amazing guided meditations to experience peace, joy, light, a shift in consciousness and more.  Also, this year I’m offering more Reiki classes (Advanced Practitioner class in February), Past Lives Revearled! Workshops, Pet Psychic Galleries, Psychic Fairs, and on February 2 and 3, 2019, I will be at the:

Doubletree Hilton Boca/Deerfield Hotel (off 95) on Feb 2-3 one block off Exit 42B  on I-95 
See calendar listing for details – If you preregister for a reading with me by or before January 20th, you’ll receive a considerable reduction in price:Soul Readings re Relationships, Past Lives, Pet Psychic, Cellular Memory Activations $75/30-min, $100/ 50-min. Schedule now954.655.5490    *** 

“CLEAR THE PATH tm” is highly recommended at this time. This is a private session formulated for the descension/ascension process which we are all moving through now.

CLEAR THE PATH multi-faceted session is valued at over $350 removes fear, blockages, and looping of mind sets that no longer serve us.  A  90-minute session for $155: You will experience a Medical Intuitive body scan, Raindrop Aromatherapy with hot moist towels, a Reiki energy treatment, a Past Life reading and cutting cords, 13-chakra balancing, DNA Activation via the pineal gland, and a Mini Reading. I ask that you bring your cellphone ready to record this session for future guidance. FEEL RENEWED, REJUVENATED, RE-BALANCED, and FOCUSED!  Many of my clients love the clarity that have chosen CLEAR THE PATH as a monthly balancing system! For other services, please visit www.GoddessTOUCH.net.

Please read a most recent testimonial:

I went to Carol for various reasons. I had been suffering from PTSD my entire life from past life trauma and physical pain for 12 years from a car accident. After picking up a dark parasite from an accidental astral projection 4 years ago, all the emotional and physical pain drastically increased. and a normal active life as I knew it stopped. Quality of life went downhill.  I visited multiple doctors. Treatments and pain management therapy has not worked at all. Doctors have been baffled as to why I was in so much pain. Tests, MRI’s, etc. couldn’t explain the pain away, or why nothing worked (Doctors discovered a cyst on my spinal cord 2 years ago from the car accident 12 years ago). I met Carol at a psychic fair at the metaphysical church in Fort Lauderdale. I was instantly drawn to her photo, and she confirmed what I had suspected regarding the dark parasite keeping me in pain. Carol performed a Clear the Path session – an incredible experience. Carol pinpointed all the issues and addressed them. I truly feel all weight and the pressure from all the trauma gone. I amno longer suffering or haunted from the trauma or the memories. The muscles in my back that were perpetually clenched have drastically released the tension. Most of the pain is gone. Flexibility in my back has returned. I can actually feel a difference now with my doctor and therapist has prescribed stretches. Saw my chiropractor 3 days after my session with Carol and was amazed at the difference (actually everyone has noticed the difference!). He’s known me my whole life and watched me go from a happy bubbly person to miserable and depressed 3 years ago, hoping for life to end every night when I went to bed so I wouldn’t have to feel pain anymore. He could feel the difference in the quality of my back. The pain of the cyst has been reduced and relegated strictly to the one spot on my spine, like it was postaccident. My back is actually better than it has been SINCE the car accident! Definitely will be scheduling another appointment next month for a follow up. I recommend Carol to everyone!
Love, Patricia.*

To learn more about “what’s coming this month and next,” read my latest newsletter.

Carole’s Energy Update

"Caroles-Energy-Update"Sensing a balance coming in, allows us to move forward with a new focus for decision making. As a gifted Sensitive, Empath, etc., I’ve begun to feel more relaxed even though there is much turmoil bringing up much mass-consciousness fear.  This is the time to harness all of the Universal / Celestial Support as we take new risks, and TRUST in our Higher Self, our Divine Connection.

Remaining in our Light (which is  very difficult at times) is the most important task at hand. We must find that place within that tells us that “we are safe”, “all is well”, “we have everything we need and want, and more”. If you or a loved one is ill, please know that healing is on the way. Any kind of lack that you or a loved one is experiencing now, please know that this is only temporary. 

It’s time to choose to 1) go into a gratitude mode, thanking for everything, even though….; 2) forgive yourself, and everyone else with whom you are angry with; and 3) take up a class or find a friend/family member to do something fun with. Happiness, Joy, Fun is key in raising our frequency! Please choose. 

Be sure and read the fun story I shared in my recent issue of Goddess Touch News

To help you go move deeper in your Path, I’m offering more empowerment Ascension Reiki classes, private healing sessions, pet and people psychic sessions via SKYPE, Whats APP, and phone. Check out my Calendar for current dates.


Following my previous Newsletter, my Source established that the second half of 2018, subtle transformational energies intensify at the subatomic levels to move us from mind/ego base to higher consciousness living! 

How amazing confirmation as we jumped into a Blood Moon, lunar eclipse and Mercury Retrograde!  We are being pushed into cleaning up what we have swept under the rug many moons ago. The Lion’s Gate is quickly approaching (August 8) which cannot be ignored!

And….ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE.  We have been given monumental opportunities to release, let go of the past, all habits (knowing and unknowing) that no longer serve us. We are being told to trust the Present so we can co-create our own picture of Heaven on Earth (our Future). 

Energy and nutrition go hand in hand and as such, the energies for our awakening also require us to visit our physical, emotional and metal processes.  How wonderful do you want to feel? express? share? 



PILGRIMAGE TO BRAZIL – September 2-8, 2018:
Last April, Carole took a small group to the Casa of John of God in Abadiania, Brazil!  Everyone received invisible surgeries.  Carole celebrated her birthday at Avatar B&B with a tasty vegan meal prepared by Dora Sophia, co-owner, chef, and certified guide for the Casa.  The Sacred Falls were magical, the Healing Crystal beds uplifting in frequency, and the special Massages recommended by the Casa melted every nerve in your body.  This is the first tour of many. Carole has received special dispensation from the Casa of Don Ignacio to bring groups to John of God in Brazil on a regular basis.  The next trip is September 2-8, 2018. 

Call me to learn more and book your trip with us (954) 655-5490

Are we ready to receive what we think we want?

Can we let go of our constant comparison of our past to create a “new” future, a better future?

Most of our lives, we have been “wishing” for this and for that, thinking, feeling and knowing that it was almost “impossible” to have or be, and so, we kept living in our bubble of safety with all its confines and blocks to our happiness.  We convinced ourselves that “this” was the real world and accepted a little better but not much, so as to not “rock the boat”.  This boat that we have been protecting from rocking is in a storm and is shattering because it has been an illusion.  This is where the fear is coming from: the boat that we so preciously protected from being rocked so as to not allow anything different to change our living conditions.

This is what Humanity has been progressively facing. If you are still reading this message, you are Awake and facing the changes, i.e., fears, anxiety, all that is shattering your world (your boat). What I’m talking about is our way of thinking, manifested into a world of fear of change, because that change could be, might be (Yikes!) worse than what we currently have. The wanting for better is nothing but a dream, right?  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  The boat shattering is our Clarion Call, our Call to LIVE HEAVEN ON EARTH! People, we have already ascended!

This month the changes, or better yet, the dreams that we have so lovingly placed in a beautiful place “out there” are showing us a glimpse to our possibility… Are we saying, “YES!” to allowing our lives to change for the better?  Please read my Predictions 2018 now posted on my website www.goddesstouch.net for a deeper analysis of this shift in Consciousness / Thought Process / Creation.

2018 – We Are Being Supported to Succeed – a Magical Year “11”

This year began with a huge Energy Shift on January 1, 2018! This month I’ll be helping you understand HOW TO tap into these “placenta-rich” energies of MANIFESTATION!  IT’S  ALL HERE FOR US TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN WHAT WE DO AND BE…. 

How totally disturbing to realize that we have been learning, hearing, reading and “trying to” BREATHE IN God, Life, Prana, etc., when, all along, WE ARE BEING BREATHED by the Cosmic Consciousness. Our mind continuously plays tricks on us so that we think and feel that we are in charge, in control of our life, circumstances and sometimes, other people!  How far from the truth is that! When we realize this about our mind (even the collective mind), we remove a burden and allow for a gentler way of being.  As a species we have been forcing change, all to “have it now!” – instant gratification is our motto and where has it lead us? We have to hurry and make it happen. Perhaps we are missing the big picture of who and what we are? Where are we really going? Another hamster wheel?  The answer is absolutely NOT that we have not failed yet again! We are experiencing human existence and are learning that we can change our mental programming any time we choose.  This year is a huge opportunity to let go of the subtle resistance we still “believe” that we have.  For starters, because of our many repeating concepts, many of us do not realize that we have ascended into the 5th and higher frequencies of existence.  Haven’t you noticed that the 3D is so much heavier, seemingly holding more challenges. Many of us are on the fence – oscillating between the worlds of 3rd reality and that of higher realms. Have you noticed that we are manifesting our thoughts more quickly? Good, bad, indifferent, the 5D + is all about co-creating. If part of you remains in the 3D believing what media, politics, pharma, FDA, as being shown to the masses s the truth, then you are manifesting that which you do not want, remaining on the hamster wheel.  Its time to break away from what is “out there” and to go within where you will find your own answers and happiness! It’s as easy as turning off the TV, stop reading the newspaper, and finding a like-minded group to better ourselves spiritually and joyfully with the arts, nutrition, sports, etc. Have you been dizzy, nauseous, blood pressure fluctuates? Exhausted? Anxious? Hungry and nothing is satisfying? Weight gain? We hunger for Light, dear friends!  Please read on….. 

This year is magical year of 11! Succinctly put, our entire being as a spiritual being in a human body is experiencing an “embryonic experience enveloped in a placenta-rich potential! We are re-birthing our self into Self.  For the 4th year now, I have held an event where my Guides/Higher Self give predictions for the spiritual energy potential for the New Year. I will have this information available to you once transcribed. Please email me at info@goddesstouch.net if interested to obtain a copy of “2018 Predictions”.

After asking my Beloved Father/Mother/God to find me a beautiful spiritual office with like-minded professionals and at a price I can afford, I am very happy to announce that I am teaming up with Dr. Eliziane Neca, Acupuncture Physician and Jade Wellness!  As of mid-January, I will be able to better serve you as I will be in a more central location at 2717 Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale 33306, between Bayview and Federal Hwy. My number for appointments remains the same (954) 655-5490.

NEW YEAR NEW YOU! This is the best time to schedule a “CLEAR THE PATH” session.  This multi-faceted session valued at over $350 removes fear, blockages, and looping of mind sets that no longer serve us.  A 2-HOUR session for $155: You will experience a Medical Intuitive body scan, Raindrop Aromatherapy with hot moist towels, a Reiki energy treatment, a Past Life reading and cutting cords, 13-chakra balancing, DNA Activation via the pineal gland, and a Mini Reading. I ask that you bring your cellphone ready to record this session for future guidance. FEEL RENEWED, REJUVENATED, RE-BALANCED, and FOCUSED!  Many of my clients love the clarity that have chosen CLEAR THE PATH as a monthly balancing system! For other services, please visit www.GoddessTOUCH.net.

Here is the Calendar for January:

Offered at Center for Inner Wisdom, 4849 Dixie Hwy, Ft Lauderdale:

Every Wednesdays @ 7.30pm

Friday, January 12 @ 7:30pm

Friday, January 26 @ 7.30pm

Offered at Carole’s (Please call me for more info).
Sunday, January 14 (10-4)
REIKI LEVELS 1 & 2 (in one day!) $150

January 31: Super Blue Moon Meditation – TBD

Please contact me for more details. 

May your Light Shine Brightly!
Magical hugs and Infinite blessings,


Anxiety vs. Allowing

There has been so much anxiety lately, do we feel that we need to breathe into a paper bag from the panic?

I am back after an eight-week Spiritual Sabbatical cleansing my Energy Body and Energy Fields through meditation, rest, and healing on all levels. During that time, we experienced a major Eclipse, 2 Hurricanes, and a mass shooting, with continued political unrest by our world leaders!  How can we NOT be anxious???

This month, my message is about “allowing” our pains, fears and struggles to just be in order to become aware that we have all that we need and want, and that WE ARE SAFE!

The Fear Mongers of this Third Density have been pumping up the volume to create more fear and anger in Humanity so that we continue to Co-Create more of the same feeling of disempowerment!  We have already heard this many times before, “We are so much more than we know”, which means that we are Co-Creators with Source – Whatever we focus on, we create more of.  If we are angry, we will create more opportunities to continue to be angry. The same goes with any, yes, ANY focus that we choose upon.  We have been spoon fed for millenia that we are powerless and need someone else to look up to, to pray to, etc., which has perpetuated this slave-race, mental imprisonment, disempowering feeling.  No wonder we are all angry with ourselves as well after working so hard, giving our all, and yet, we feel we have not accomplished much.  These many disappointments are colossal and very disempowering to our Co-creative juices!  

So now, what do we do? We need to take our power back!  There is only one way to accomplish this. We need to pay attention to what we have been hearing for so long.  Let us take the time to be alone and Meditate – Going within, finding the Silence.  Breathing and taking your consciousness down into our Heart. This grounds us inside of our Vastness!  Practice, practice, practice…. We will receive all the answers!

Stop praying.  Praying is asking which perpetuates getting more what we already have. Instead of asking, showing gratitude by thanking – for everything that we have, in detail, including what we want to have.  The Universe / Source does not know the difference between what we have now or what we want to have in the future.  Knowing the Laws of the Universe/Source is the Key to our Self-Mastery.  Co-Creation has never been so easy, however, it takes practice to keep the EGO (“Edging God Out”) from messing up our focus, meditations, affirmations, etc.

Affirmations are created in the present time, first person, and must feel positive / believable when we say it! For example, “I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED AND WANT, AND MORE!” This is my favorite which I’ve been saying for a few years and have become totally trusting that all is taken care of. I have become more responsible for my health and finances because of this trust.  If I can do this, everyone can!

Know Thyself! Knowing how we react to certain stimuli is key in creating the opposite of the disempowered feeling when it arises. By knowing what makes us fearful, angry, numb, etc. during the time inside our meditation.  By going through these disempowering emotions using our breath, we feel safe and empowered in our Light as we move through the Eye of the Needle. This is the “Dis-Illusionment” of the threatening fears that we have been experiencing, and claiming as our very own. By “allowing” to ACCEPT WHAT WE CANNOT ACCEPT, in some circumstances, will “allow” a Shift to occur. We then can repeat the affirmations that we have chosen to work with. We are learning to be gentle and loving, most of all, forgiving with our self.

By being told that everything is an illusion won’t make a bit of difference when we hear continuously of doom and gloom by and from the media. There are many distortions of the truth everywhere.  Different perspectives and different personal agendas may be created to cloud our judgment, and so we are reminded that we never have all of the facts. Let us go inward to find our Truth choosing Inner Peace, Unconditional Love for our self, Humanity, even the people we dislike for they need love the most!  Choose Love not Fear.

Classes this month:

Friday, October 20 @7:30pm @ Center for Inner Wisdom (Ft. Lauderdale)


Friday, October 27 @ 7:30pm @ Center for Inner Wisdom (Ft. Lauderdale)


Sunday, October 29 @ 1:30pm @ Metaphysical Chapel (Davie, FL)

Every Wednesday @ 7:30pm @ Center for Inner Wisdom (Ft. Lauderdale)

REIKI CIRCLE, GUIDED MEDITATION, and more… Check our calendar for upcoming events

I am available for private and group appointments of Life Readings, Clear The Path sessions, Past Lives Revealed workshops, Reiki classes and Circles with guided meditations, messages and inner healing, and more (more information about these are available on my website www.GoddessTOUCH.net). Please email me your Spiritual needs and interests as I’ll make your emails a priority in answering.

May your Light Shine Brightly!

Magical hugs and Infinite blessings,