Anxiety vs. Allowing

There has been so much anxiety lately, do we feel that we need to breathe into a paper bag from the panic?

I am back after an eight-week Spiritual Sabbatical cleansing my Energy Body and Energy Fields through meditation, rest, and healing on all levels. During that time, we experienced a major Eclipse, 2 Hurricanes, and a mass shooting, with continued political unrest by our world leaders!  How can we NOT be anxious???

This month, my message is about “allowing” our pains, fears and struggles to just be in order to become aware that we have all that we need and want, and that WE ARE SAFE!

The Fear Mongers of this Third Density have been pumping up the volume to create more fear and anger in Humanity so that we continue to Co-Create more of the same feeling of disempowerment!  We have already heard this many times before, “We are so much more than we know”, which means that we are Co-Creators with Source – Whatever we focus on, we create more of.  If we are angry, we will create more opportunities to continue to be angry. The same goes with any, yes, ANY focus that we choose upon.  We have been spoon fed for millenia that we are powerless and need someone else to look up to, to pray to, etc., which has perpetuated this slave-race, mental imprisonment, disempowering feeling.  No wonder we are all angry with ourselves as well after working so hard, giving our all, and yet, we feel we have not accomplished much.  These many disappointments are colossal and very disempowering to our Co-creative juices!  

So now, what do we do? We need to take our power back!  There is only one way to accomplish this. We need to pay attention to what we have been hearing for so long.  Let us take the time to be alone and Meditate – Going within, finding the Silence.  Breathing and taking your consciousness down into our Heart. This grounds us inside of our Vastness!  Practice, practice, practice…. We will receive all the answers!

Stop praying.  Praying is asking which perpetuates getting more what we already have. Instead of asking, showing gratitude by thanking – for everything that we have, in detail, including what we want to have.  The Universe / Source does not know the difference between what we have now or what we want to have in the future.  Knowing the Laws of the Universe/Source is the Key to our Self-Mastery.  Co-Creation has never been so easy, however, it takes practice to keep the EGO (“Edging God Out”) from messing up our focus, meditations, affirmations, etc.

Affirmations are created in the present time, first person, and must feel positive / believable when we say it! For example, “I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED AND WANT, AND MORE!” This is my favorite which I’ve been saying for a few years and have become totally trusting that all is taken care of. I have become more responsible for my health and finances because of this trust.  If I can do this, everyone can!

Know Thyself! Knowing how we react to certain stimuli is key in creating the opposite of the disempowered feeling when it arises. By knowing what makes us fearful, angry, numb, etc. during the time inside our meditation.  By going through these disempowering emotions using our breath, we feel safe and empowered in our Light as we move through the Eye of the Needle. This is the “Dis-Illusionment” of the threatening fears that we have been experiencing, and claiming as our very own. By “allowing” to ACCEPT WHAT WE CANNOT ACCEPT, in some circumstances, will “allow” a Shift to occur. We then can repeat the affirmations that we have chosen to work with. We are learning to be gentle and loving, most of all, forgiving with our self.

By being told that everything is an illusion won’t make a bit of difference when we hear continuously of doom and gloom by and from the media. There are many distortions of the truth everywhere.  Different perspectives and different personal agendas may be created to cloud our judgment, and so we are reminded that we never have all of the facts. Let us go inward to find our Truth choosing Inner Peace, Unconditional Love for our self, Humanity, even the people we dislike for they need love the most!  Choose Love not Fear.

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May your Light Shine Brightly!

Magical hugs and Infinite blessings,

“Have you been paying attention and are STILL confused?”

FOCUS – Let’s talk about this word which is so widely used.  The more we want to use it, the less it works. What is your “intent” for the day, situation, short-term or long-term goal? How unnerving to plan ahead while we are being repeatedly told to “Be in the Present Moment”. 

FOCUS is a discipline which brings us back into our present moment.  Can you allow yourself to “feel” whatever is going inside at any given moment? Many of us are afraid of some emotions that may arise. We have courage and by allowing our emotions to come up, we redirect our “focus”, bringing us back into balance.  

I need to share with you the Gift that I feel I gain when I focus on the present moment.  I have been working on many projects simultaneously which I feel I’m sometimes on “overload”. Well, I am when the emotion comes up!  I know that I am in the Ego.  For me, when my subconscious tells me, “You’re late; you’re running out of time; not enough time; etc.”, this is my way to, “STOP”, take a breath, focus on what is in front of me, my intention, and most importantly, how will I feel with this successfully completed task?  Bingo! I’m back feeling calm, and “focused”. 

I am learning so much about myself, my thoughts, beliefs, habits, all energy which “seemed” to be important in the past. These “aha moments” come up to alert us that it’s time for change, time to let go and renew… Much of it, when it does come up can be easily identified as ‘FEAR’, ‘ANXIETY’, ‘PANIC’, any strong emotion that we really do not want to address.  This can be either (1) a repressed emotion which we have hidden deep in the recesses of our being so that we could continue to survive, and/or (2) an emotion that we took on as our own, not knowing that this is energy belonging to someone else, a parent, sibling, friend, co-worker, etc., someone with whom we have identified with as similar to us or as “familiar”, in this case, a familiar negative recurring emotion. As many of us are healers, we deal with people releasing their fears and imbalances on a regular basis! Psychic Cleansing is something that I do throughout the day, becoming so sensitive to incompatible frequencies, and have noticed that different cleansing techniques work at different times. For example, remember sage was so widely used to cleanse a space? Sage blesses, however, Cedar Wood cleanses any space instantly!   We tend to forget about psychic hygiene, and many times, I have remained with a physical or emotional pain until, I thought to ask, “Does this belong to me?” Just becoming of aware sometimes, the pain energy vanished!

These are trying times and yet exciting times as we experience frequent Consciousness Shifts, some shaking us to our core. Change we must…

Until next time, I wish you a Magical Fall! 

Born an empath, psychic, prophetic channel, facilitator/healer and teacher, Rev. Carole’s purpose is to INTEGRATE a Direction to access High Vibrational Frequencies for Higher Consciousness growth during the shifts in the universes of duality and form. She is an ordained minister through UBM, a Reiki M/T, distributor of Young Living Oils, and Bonded Florida Notary. Carole is Founder and CEO of GODDESS T.O.U.C.H. (Transmuting Of the Universal Consciousness Heart), a unique multi-dimensional❄ technique, including DNA activation methods. She has helped hundreds of people throughout the years to find their answers, prepare for successful surgeries or for treatments, regain peace from mental and emotional imbalances, i.e. Bi-polar, help create bridges in life changes, i.e., losses, all to bring AWARENESS. (954) 655-5490.

Life Reading – An Invitation

…To New Clients

Hello and many blessings to you who reads the following heart opening invitation.

Stress has become a house-hold word where it feels so normal to be constantly “squeezed” for time. Have you given up on finding some “free time” for yourself from the world out there? It’s time to center yourself in just one hour.  

As a born empath and psychic, among other things, I have to constantly fine tune myself as I very easily take on other people’s energies.  As such, my Guides have formulated for all my clients an easy formula, learned in just one-hour session. It’s called a “Life Reading” session.

I consciously access multi-dimensional information for your best and highest without the use of any props as I am “prophetic” and do not require cards, stones, etc., to find your balance.

Once you have scheduled an appointment I may begin receiving messages or insights for you very shortly thereafter or just prior to our meeting which is stored subconsciously.  Your masters, guides and Higher Self are in communion with mine.  Therefore, your choice of accessing specific information through me opens up the ‘floodgates’ of Divine Expression through time, space and dimension, as time and space only exists here in the 3rd Dimension frequency.

I also may access information from your etheric bodies, energy fields to verify the flow of energy, as directed by your Light “team” and, of course, with your permission.  This may help you find answers to some questions you may have regarding an imbalance in your life, i.e. relationships, finances, and/or health.   As I am also clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, I can see, hear and smell the subtleties of imbalance, and energy beings lodged in your space or in someone’s space close to you. For example, I have a client who continuously suffered from TMJ and neck pain for many years after seeing many health practitioners.  After one energy screening of her energy body, I was shown that the pain she suffered came from her husband who suffered this ailment. She had been unconsciously taking this on during her sleeptime, as they shared the same bed. Our Guides formulated an affirmation and energy exercise for her.  Since then, she awakens fully refreshed and charged up for the day!

As a healing facilitator and frequency activator, I am able to remove, replace, and rechannel a healthy flow of high frequency in your current and/or parallel lives’ fields, opening and balancing your centers, for example.

Once the link is established and I have your permission to facilitate, we will connect your directly to experience your own magnificent Light.

My intent and purpose is to bring in Divine Love / “Higher Consciousness” energy from your core being into your day, so that you will be able to navigate your rudder of Life, knowing that your choices are always the best ones.

Health – Love – Career – Prosperity

Private, group, and telephone readings are available.  Please contact me to schedule an appointment (954) 655-5490


Have you always wanted to learn Reiki, and have had either 1) Not enough time; and/or 2) Not enough funds? I have taken the most important of Usui Reiki Level 1 and Level 2, bringing you these teachings in one day for the fraction of the regular price!


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  • Relax the mind;
  • Get restful sleep;
  • Decrease bad habits;
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  • Activate your intuition for new ideas;
  • Restore hope for a better future;
  • Release fears / anger / raising consciousness (even weather consciousness);
  • Combat illness and restore health quicker;
  • Important Precursor to receiving other holistic/medical treatments to optimize healing at a deeper level.

Whomever you are, whatever you do, REIKI “enhances your work, your intensions, your Life! You don’t have to be. You will learn: how to prepare to allow the flow of UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE through you; how and where to direct this energy; where to apply it on the body (self-healing and for others; long-distance healing; 3 Sacred Symbols, how and where you can place Reiki and the Sacred Symbols, and more… You will receive: your workbook, attunements and Certificate. I don’t offer CEU’s.

Investment: $175 (good thru September 30, 2017) Regular Price $222!



Many of us have experienced receiving hands-on healing in a circle, whether, Reiki or other.

Born Empath, psychic, medium and healer, Rev. Carole Ramsay, RMT, was born fully sentient.  She has been holding Sacred Circles for almost 20 years, unique to any other circle.

Karen, a frequent participant shares, Carole is the “Real Deal!”. I had a stinging pain in my neck which had lasted a week without any relief from hot or cold compresses, medication, etc. Carole applied energy to my shoulders, neck, throat and jaw, uttered a few whispers, and the healing continued on until I felt complete relief when I got home that evening. Thanks Carole!”

Carole’s multi-dimensional innate gifts allow her to channel guided meditations, hands-on healing to balance the energy and/or physical bodies, and everyone receives a channeled message.  

Carole’s Circle is held every Wednesday at 7:30 pm at Center for Inner Wisdom, fee is $15 cash only. Carole also has a private practice for individual sessions for guidance with Life Readings, Past Lives, Pet Psychic, Spiritual Mentoring, Coaching for Galactic Beings experiencing 3D. Carole offers Reiki teachings up to Master level, is also a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor #295162 954-655-5490.

Pet Psychic Corner

Carole’s insights helped me and my fur baby, Portia, at a very difficult time in our lives when she became very sick & I had to make the difficult decision to let her go. Carole’s ability to communicate to me Portia’s message that “she was ready when I was ready”, helped give me the strength, certainty, and the peace that I was making the right decision. I’m very grateful to have met Carole!” Herena J. Plantation, FL. ……..Call Carole for an appointment!

“Clear the Path” for THE NEW FREQUENCIES!



Clear the Path” for the New Frequencies! 

By popular demand, I continue to offer you this multi-faceted session valued at over $350 which removes fear, blockages, and looping. 

GET THIS SESSION for $99 (REGULAR PRICE $155), consisting of: Medical Intuitive body scan, Foot Detox w/Alimtox Ion Cell Cleanse, Past Life reading and cutting cords, 13-chakra balancing, DNA Activation via pineal gland, Reiki energy, and a Mini Reading). FEEL RENEWED, REJUVINATED, REBALANCED, and FOCUSED!

Call (954) 655-5490 to schedule today… 

By appointment only Carole Ramsay (954) 655-5490



Today’s Stressful Times – How to cope???

"Today's Stressful Times - How to cope???"Hello, Friends.

Are you having a Magical Day? I can hear you laugh out loud with your busy minds thinking that this day is anything but a magical day. Let me tell you a story:

Everywhere I turn, everyone I speak with, every conversation I hear, STRESS is felt, heard, and seen. Why do we feel so out of control with time, money, relationships?  Is our health starting to break down because of the daily stress we face? Are we realizing that we can no longer cope with our lives because our “expectations” are not being met?

Ok. It’s time to put the breaks on our stressful thinking, focus on taking a deep cleansing breath, with closed eyes, and then think of what makes us smile? Now is the perfect time to make a list on paper so that our ever-growing list will become our coping mechanism.  Yes, we need to take a few minutes out of our stressful day and take inventory of what is important. Let’s make this a daily project, leaving our note pad and pencil out in full view not to forget. Every day, we write down what makes us feel important – confident – safe.  This little exercise is just the beginning and is a very simple method to cope whenever a stressful thought ignites our nervous system telling our beautiful adrenals, “Danger, danger, we are not safe!” We need constant reminders that we are safe – we are ok – we are in the present moment, alive and well!

Stay tuned for more simple and easy ways to cope in these stressful times and believe that you may start having Magical Moments that may become, “A Magical Day”.

Visit Carole and Goddess TOUCH for her services, classes, and calendar of events on Also on facebook and twitter @caroleramsay.








January 2014 – Calendar

Every Wednesday
Healing Circle, with Guided Meditation & Personal Channeled Message – 6:30-8:00 pm – $10
Please join us every Wednesday in the sacred space of a calming healing circle. We begin with a simple yet effective guided meditation, followed with Reiki and other high frequency modalities allowing you to relax deeply and heal with the help of our “Friends” from the “Other Side”. A channeled message may also be given.

JANUARY 15 @ 12:00Noon – 2:00pm
I consider myself a Light Worker (a worker of the light “Light”) and as such, I help people to understand and to grow towards being lighter (Light). Now the saying, “Lighten Up!” has truth behind it. It’s so important now to understand energy frequency which is light in lower (denser) frequency. I look forward and am honored to give my little spin about (1) energy frequency, (2) the importance of attaining high frequency vibration in every-day life, and (3) why and how to raise our frequency to become and remain healthy on all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually). Memorial Hospital in Pembroke Pines – please call for complete address. No Charge $0.

Le 15 janvier @ 12 – 14:00
FRÉQUENCES d’énergie & notre santé – Présentation & Atelier
Je me considère comme un travailleur de lumière ( « Light Worker ») et à ce titre, j’aide les gens à comprendre et à se développer pour devenir plus léger, et lumineu. (Light). Le dicton, « Lighten Up! » a maintenant la vérité derrière elle. Maintenant il est important de comprendre la fréquence de l’énergie qui est lumière de basse fréquence (plus dense). J’attends avec impatience et je suis honoré pour vous parler sur (1) la fréquence de l’énergie , (2) l’importance d’atteindre la vibration à haute fréquence dans notre cotidien, et (3) pourquoi et comment élever notre fréquence pour devenir et rester en bonne santé à tous les niveaux (mentalement, émotionnellement, physiquement et spirituellement). Memorial Hospital à Pembroke Pines – s’il vous plaît appelez pour coordonnées complètes. Sans frais $0.

JANUARY 16 – Full Moon — SPECIAL REQUESTS for Invocations -At dusk, on the evening of a Full Moon, I pray for you and your special intention after having prepared a customized “work” , such as a request for quick money, new job, love spell, curse removal, etc, (all done in and with the Light & Nature’s Forces), as discussed with you prior to Ceremony.Please contact me to set up a private appointment at least a week prior to the Circle Casting ceremony, which is closed to the public. Cost will vary according to the request.

JANUARY 19 @ 2:00pm – (Seating is limited … please call to pre-register)
2014 PREDICTIONS – My guides will give predictions regarding humanity’s next step. Bring your questions for a Q & A regarding health, love, challenges and changes for you and loved ones. A very special guest appearance by world-renowned psychic and published author, Dr. Sondra Zecher, who will give a random reading to a lucky guest in our audience. Will she pick you? Dr. Zecher is best known as the “Son of Sam Psychic”. It was through her psychic information that the F.B.I. was able to apprehend David Berkowitz, the mass murderer. Only $25.

FEBRUARY – (Saturdays- small classes – please call to pre-register)
USUI REIKI LEVEL ONE (1-day Class) – 10:00am -5:00pm
USUI REIKI LEVEL TWO (2-day Class) – 10:00am -4:00pm
Reiki is a part of our nature as humans, something each one of us can use and experience; it simply needs to be awakened. Once awakened, the practitioner focuses on the flow of the universal life force energy moving within him/her, and then learns to direct that energy. As this system is learned, one can use Reiki on oneself, give treatments to family, friends, pets, etc., practice professionally, and develop as a teacher. As a Reiki Master teacher, I teach this system because it gives me great joy to be a facilitator in the transformation process each participant experiences. That transformation may seem monumental or subtle, but it always benefits each person in a significant way. Included: Workbook, Attunements, Certificate. Register early and save $$$. Visit “Testimonials” and see what people are saying.

MARCH 8 & 9 – NEWLIFE EXPO @ The Broward Convention Center (Fort Lauderdale)
Join me as I present Soulmates & Sacred Marriage- How to Access Your Divine Nature NOW. Meet with me for a private session to access information to help you live more fully, with ease and grace now. Let’s remove some obstacles via energy work I’ll perform on site. Book your private session ahead of time to save your space. Contact me now and save $10$. Sponsored by Lisa’s Healing Center.

APRIL 26 – Body & Mind Expo @ LaQuinta (Coral Springs)
Join me as I present Living in the NOW – Accessing ALL that You Need and Want, Including Time. Meet with me at my booth for a private session in accessing important information for your higher consciousness to live with ease and grace now. Book your private session ahead of time to save your space. Contact me now and save $10$. Fund Raiser for Autism.


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