A Message from the Venusians

We are the Venusians from the 7D of Creation, consisting of 44 facets of energy prism clusters. We have been “nudging” our Carole with our message bestowing upon you new concepts to strengthen your resolve as an  “ascending species”.

Humanity has entered into the second half of the 2020 Transformational surge of world-wide change.  The media continues to shock and awe, magnificently implanting fear which begins to be conspicuous to many of you awakening the subconscious mind.  These seeds fester to continue to create an awakening from the “slave race” mentality implanted, in part, by your social media. 

Thoughts become things.  What are you thinking about?  How are you thinking? The human mind is so powerful that it only takes 21 days to create a new habit, to manifest change, replacing a bad habit with a new one. The human subconscious is a miracle and so very powerful.  So many subliminal messages have been and continue to inspire or torment, shifting attention at will.

The chaos now being felt by most on many levels (mental, emotional and physical), is truly tilting Awareness into a new perspective.  As time is speeding up, so is thought and action formulating new realities. The new realities are what has been shaping your world…. always.  Now, new perspectives have been introduced, having been intellectualized since the 90’s and prior as the Ascension process.

Let’s now talk about love and lack, mirror reflections of the duality in which you, as a humanity, have always been experiencing. The world of duality (3D) world is of the mind also the purpose of gravity (grounding), a pull of “like attracts like” energies. Once again, the dream is the mind creating a scenario planted by higher minds to create an outcome.  As you have heard slave race being a cast name onto humanity, it continues to cripple through mind games, coorsion, hypnosis at its best.  We and many other non-human species have been waiting until the “Alignment to Proceed” was at hand and we and other are here to support you with, “all hands on deck”.  Humanity is being given an opportunity to awaken to its greater self, to realize that it is being manipulated for its own Growth.  Remember the mirror effect of the 3D dream?  This is all being played out to move the dark into light… for everyone, everything, as time for necessary growth to release the mind, ego, thoughts, all of which consists your 3D reality now being dismantled to shift into higher forms of reality.  

Feeling disappointed? Have you failed or been failed? Let’s go back, or better yet, go behind the veil of disappointment.  What was implied? What was expected? So many of you have stopped dreaming from the shock and awe triggering negative emotions. Remember that you are not alone.  Our message today is a message of love and hope to entice you to begin to dream a new creation for you to experience!

Can we ask you to look within and be with your deepest fears, and go behind them to see the joy that still remains.  Your Gift of Choice is now at hand.  What do you choose to think?  What do you choose to feel?  What do you choose to experience?  Change is up to you – Become the Sovereign Being of Light to experience a NEW human dream.  You are the mirror and you my choose which side of your mirror to experience.  Why not choose LOVE!

With great devotion,
The Venusians 44

 * Please know that you can experience these lovingly inspirational beings of light by contacting Carole for a private 4:4 RECALIBRATION session, created and performed by the Venusians. Please see below for more information.  Thank you.