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(channeled, 45-60 min.) – 

Since mid-March, 2020, 44 beings of Light, calling themselves “the Venusians” have been using my mind, my heart and my body to assist humanity (one person at a time) by shifting (“recalibrating”) us for an easier transformation into our “light body”. We continue to receive shifts to increase our consciousness, each month increasing the frequency until humanity achieves critical mass 51%. We are close and need to continue to meditate daily, elevate our frequency with self love, high frequency nourishment, alkaline, surround ourselves with loving/supporting people and situations. By changing our outlook we change our world!

To allow the most light to enter and activate your Energy Bodies, My Guides and Higher Self have informed me to to trust that I will be channeling to you “remotely” connecting via phone, what’s app or Skype a new clearing/activation energy session to clear all previous limiting patterns, cellular activation, of energy body, pineal gland, opening the heart and all 13 Chakras will be calibrated – a deep Surrendering of the ego and past lives’ limitations (here we go deeper, through more layers of dimensional attachments compared to Clear the Path sessions)   


Recalibration Session Offered Via Phone

With the wondrous light activations to raise humanity’s awareness, we are now forced to go inward, stopping all normal/habitual activity. Know that we are safe. Many of us incarnated into this lifetime specifically to shift this world of mind/ego.

In a recent meditation, Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay was awakened to new guides calling themselves the Venusians 44 (44 beings of Light, inhabitants of the planet Venus) who have been waiting for humanity to raise its frequency, to purify and surrender in order to enable a telepathic contact. There was a mutual understanding that they work through her on other humans who are ready to move into higher states of consciousness.

This technique is similar to and surpasses the results of Clear the Path sessions (info at GoddessTouch.net). Ramsay connects with the client via phone (connecting with the breath, surrendering to Higher Self), allowing guides to work together. Session lasts 30 to 60 minutes. Prerequisite is to hydrate well four hours prior to session and 24 hours afterwards, being extra gentle with one’s self post-session 24 to 48 hours.

Some Benefits of this Private Transformation:

– Opening a pathway to Galactic Transmissions & activating frequencies to assist your reconnection with Source.

– Unlocking your creative DNA and inspiring you to vibrate higher and clearer.

– Releasing habitual & behavioral patterns.

– Releasing anxiety – Opening creativity, focus.

– Receiving the original blueprint and 12 strands on a cellular and metaphysical level.

– Assisting you to refine your abilities, manifest

– Assisting you to refine your abilities, manifest and create a reality that you want with the things you desire in your life.

– Guiding you through a global awakening to a higher “Shift” of Consciousness to usher in an energetic world into a NOW moment of your 



$144 / session, or a package of 3 @ $88 each ($264).